Easily add fun Stickrs to your photos and share them instantly!

Now with over 1,788 objects you can add to your photos! Drag and drop Stickrs and objects to your Stickr Canvas, and share, anywhere!

⭑ Backgrounds, Scenes and Colors
⭑ Monogram text and shapes
⭑ Stickr Packs from 55 different categories
⭑ Customizable text
⭑ Today's Date stamp
⭑ Live Weather temperature and current condition
⭑ All Stickrs weighing in at a mere 73.32 MB!

More Stickrs are added frequently and over-the-air so you always have more Stickrs without downloading app updates!


Product Features

The best and most intuitive stickr app on the market!


Fun and intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate and already familiar.


All Stickrs and objects work very nicely together and are easy to access with the tap of a finger.


User interface thats not cluttered so you can get to the Stickrs and objects you want easily.


Available on both iPhone and iPad so you can create your own Stickr photos on any device.


Drag, Drop, Pinch, Rotate. All design elements are customizable and easy to move. Use gestures to customize each Stickr!


Just drag and drop Stickrs and objects onto your Stickr Canvas, and share, anywhere.

Stickr Packs

New Stickr Packs are added frequently and over-the-air!